The Charitable Investment Seed To Grow Community Impact

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Who We Are:   Charitable Structure, Intelligent Design

The Charitable Edge, LLC "Edge"is a South Carolina charitable subsidiary of the 18th Factor, LLC, created to help launch  Wall Street's first US based charitable hedge fund. The Edge was created in late 2018 as the entity to receive 50% of the profit-incentive allocation from the 18th Factor Community Momentum Fund L.P.  The operating documents between the entities were codified to mandate receipt of the profit-incentive allocation by our charitable subsidiary.  When the Charitable Board receives and distributes their portion of the profit-incentive allocation the business model creates embodies our firm's core mission; to create the Charitable Profit-Share™ "CPS™".  CPS™ is the means and identity that provide our investor community with the best chance to change the fortune of those in need around the world. 


The Charitable Edge, LLC  is the last, for-profit, entity in a unique community impact business model that came from the experiences and values of a South Carolina investment firm and one of their best clients.  April 2019 marks the inception of a new identity to investing & giving to those in need for the investors in the 18th Factor Community Momentum Fund, L.P.  Our CPS™ model is an attempt to provide the resources and life to Wall Street's investment activities and we encourage you to share your thoughts, send us questions or join us for one of our charitable events.